Battle whith sky! (1997)

Battle whith sky! (1997)

Destroy Your gods
You`ll leave forever
You want back?
No! Never! Never!

Your way begins
Your way to win!
The battle with sky
Has begin!

You must destroy
All ways to sky!
The gods are liars!
They must die!

With blood`s your way,
Your way to win!
Your battle with liars
Has begin!

You must try
Destroy the gate
The gods are dying!
You must stay!

The avalone`s
Your way to spine!
The battle`s begun
Yu`ll see a bloody rain!

In flame your world!
In darkness way!
You wont come back?
No! Never! Say!

You must get win
In battle with sky!
Forever dark!
Gods must die!


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